As a division of Indus Holdings, Inc., Indus Distribution operates two distribution centers, with one in southern and the other in northern California. We hold local and state adult-use and distribution licenses, and have taken great steps to remain at the forefront of logistics and compliance. In August 2018, Indus Distribution became the exclusive distribution partner for WAYV, a revolutionary e-commerce supply chain and logistics platform for brands and retailers. The platform is a game changer for the cannabis industry, solving many of the challenges that exist with connecting retailers and brands. This approach creates opportunities for Indus to diversify and do business with any compliant cannabis brands and retailers in California.

WAYV Powered by Indus Distribution

WAYV is an automated, on-demand supply chain logistics platform servicing California’s growing cannabis industry. WAYV technology streamlines the traditional business-to-business process, including transport, sales, and payment through a one-stop website that integrates regulatory and compliance checks. Founded in 2017 by veteran technology executive Keith McCarty, WAYV serves as a transparent, efficient tracking and compliance platform that is creating a new standard and surpasses the fulfillment experience of non-cannabis markets in today’s on-demand world.